Queries received up to 28th May 2022 at 12:00 for Advertisement No.: (IUL)485/1/2022/28

Query 1:
Air Conditioner Pipeline work: does it have to be done above the ceiling or below the ceiling?
If we are doing the pipeline work below the ceiling, do we cover the pipeline with PVC trunking or are you going to do it with wooden box?
Answer: The building does not have a recessed ceiling installed. Therefore the AC Pipeline ductwork has to be done by the proponent as mentioned in the TOR

Query 2:
PVC Drain Work: There is no information disclosed about the PVC drain, you should know that wall mount air conditioners’ drain will be moved with gravity.
Answer: Drain points will be available throughout the building using the building’s drainage system. However, the proponent will be required to do the installation work for the connection from the Indoor unit to the drain point.

Query 3:
VRF Outdoor: Who is providing the three phase power cable? Is it provided from Utility Regulatory Authority or do we have to provide it from Ref cool? If Ref Cool is providing this, We will need to do a site inspection.
Answer: The proponent shall supply and install the 3-phase power cable and isolators