Second announcement regarding the approval of utility service designs of resorts

Second announcement with reference to URA’s announcement no: (IUL)485-AP/1/2023/04 dated 22nd January 2023, regarding the approval of utility service designs of resorts.

For those operational resorts that have not requested of an extension of the deadline for the submission of the utility services as-built design report of the resort, which is due on 22nd July 2023, please send the extension request to URA by 24th September 2023. URA will grant extension requests on a case-by-case basis.

The operational resorts should only submit an as-built design report (as-constructed design report) of the resort, the minimum requirements are as follows:

Basic technical information (available operation data) of water system, sewer system and waste management center in the resort.
Utility services As-built drawings as follows

Water system

– RO plant layout (process flow, P&ID diagram)

– Water network layout (main pipeline drawing, valves, washouts, facility connection drawing, etc.)

– Brine outfall drawing

Sewer system

– STP layout (process flow, P&ID diagram)

– Sewer network layout (main pipeline drawing, valves, pump stations, facility connection drawing, etc.)

– Sewer outfall drawing

Waste Management Center (WMC)

– WMC site plan (showing all the equipment and machineries)

– Waste transfer route

– Sewer outfall drawing

The above information should be compiled utility wise (water, sewer and waste services) and submitted to URA in the form of a report. For power systems if there is any system upgrade, please submit that upgraded component with a registered engineer’s signature.

After the submission of the as-built design report, the resort will be eligible for the registration and licensing process of the utility services which be initiated in November 2023 by URA. If any of the submitted as-built design reports shows any non-compliance to URA design standards, sufficient time will be provided to such resorts to attend to the non-compliance and therefore, will not have any issues in registering and licensing process.

Hence, URA would like to ask for the cooperation of all the existing operational resorts for the registration and licensing process of the utility services of the resorts.

If you require any assistance in the reporting format, please email us at or call us at +9603332488

Please refer to the Annex for sample as-built drawings.


Attachments: As built design

Sample as-built drawing of water network
Sample as-built drawing of sewer network
Sample RO plant layout
Sample STP layout
Waste Management Center (WMC) layout

Reference: Gazette